The Basics:

We provide home design services and all of the plans needed to submit for residential building permits. These include: Exterior Elevations, floor plans, structural cross sections, framing and foundation plans, structural detailing, structural design, and site plans. There are a number of other services that we can provide based on the particular projects specific needs. We provide design services on a number of different types of residential projects:

  Custom pre-sold home design
  Custom addition and remodels
  Custom speculation home design
  Pre-designed home plans
The design process:

Preliminary design consultation: It is usually important to meet with potential clients early in the design process to develop a level of comfort and understanding and also to evaluate the site conditions or other pertinent considerations. These sessions are complimentary.

Preliminary concept plans: Normally, before any commitment to use our services has been made, we will have worked together to develop at least a rough concept plan. As to the degree of detail, that often depends on the scope of the project and the clients comfort and understanding.Once a client has decided to use our services, we will proceed with more detailed preliminary plans.

Concept plans to permit plans: Each design project is unique in the amount of time and consultation required to get from concept plan to finished construction documents. Normally there are two to four stages of design development and consultation to get the job done. Ultimately, we are committed to however much time the project warrants.

Permit application and Construction management: While it is not part of our standard services to be involved in permit application, in special circumstances it may be beneficial for us to be available to help in this respect. Quite often circumstances arise during construction that require our attention and involvement. We do expect this and normally the involvement is brief and no additional charges are required. If there are more potentially time consuming needs there may be additional fees based on our hourly rate.

We normally work on an hourly basis. Once we have discussed the scope of the project and have developed rough concept plans, we can provide you with a proposal and estimate.